Welcome to my life, my blog

Welcome to my life, my blog
My Life As A Fashion Addict

dinsdag 24 februari 2009

Time for some inspiration!

'In between the sets, Eyeliner and Cigarettes'

'Give me something I wanne be, retro glamour'
'Hey there, summerboy..'

'Boys, boys, boys. With hairspray and denim'

'Want me to sign there on your Range Rover heart?'

'Stylin' out the beat that you're freakin'

'You taste just like glitter mixed with rock and roll'

'All we care about is, runway models, cadillacs and liquor bottles'
'Photograph my mind and whatever else you'd like to shoot, you decide'

2 opmerkingen:

Celine zei

loving the first pic!

Mady zei

Lady gaga! heerlijk (: leuke inspi ook

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