Welcome to my life, my blog

Welcome to my life, my blog
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dinsdag 2 juni 2009

Jimmy Choo for Elton John

Jimmy Choo designs a limited-edition line for Elton John’s Aids Foundation.

Limited-edition collection. 25% of the sales for ‘project PEP’ (post-exposure prophylaxis) will go to the Elton John Aids Foundation. The collection sustains lovely bags, gorgeous shoes and very fine clutches.

Jimmy Choo-ish. The collection has got that iconic Jimmy Choo look. Think: leather, snakeskin and even a picture op Tamara Mellon in a Vogue Italia shoot.

Want it! The line won’t release untill November, but it’s worth the waiting. Prices range from 95 dollars for a pair of flip-flops to 995 dollar for a large handbag.

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black vanilla rose zei

$95 isn't too much for a pair of jimmy choos, even if they are just jandles! how generous giving 25% too xxx

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